10 Healthy Food for Weight Gain

People who want to gain weight can only understand that gaining weight is equally difficult as losing weight. Skinny and underweight are significant difficulties. Underweight causes poor growth and development in adolescents, teens, and even young adults. So it’s critical to understand how we might gain weight and get healthy at home. The 10 healthy food for weight gain is given in this article, which will be like a blessing in your life.

Gaining weight, need to add more calories to the body as compared to the burn which means you have to intake more calories than you burn the whole day. More nutrition and calories added to the body in the right way and right can be effective and safe for gaining weight. Never rely on overeating the food, because it is not gonna work for you. For Natural weight gain, you need to eat multiple times throughout the day, adding more proteins to your diet and snacks with high calories. 

The Top 10 Healthy Food That helps You Gain Weight 

Home-made protein smoothie

Rather than preferring the smoothie of the market, it is better to make it at home according to your taste as we can control many ingredients and boost calories. It is good in taste and completes our needs. 

These smoothies will have 450 to 600 calories with a lot of proteins along with the other vitamins and minerals. However, it is preferred that if you want to add milk then add 2 cups of dairy milk or soya milk. 

Peanut Oats Banana Dates Shake-  Merge 2 Tbsp( Table Spoon) Peanut, 1 minute dry roasted Oats Grind them. Then add 1 banana, 3 seedless dates, ¼ cup of Curd (Yogurt), and ¼ cup of water. Now blend to a smoothie. 

Strawberry Oats Shake- Merge 100 gm of Oats, 100 gm of strawberry, 30g of Olive oil( full of great fat), little water, 1 banana, and 2 Tbsp peanut butter. 

Green Shake – Merge 1 avocado, 1 banana, some Spinach according to your taste, 2 tbsp flax oil, Black Chia seeds, and add 1 tbsp any portion of your choice, mango, and some water as well. 


Rice is abundant in carbohydrates and may easily be introduced into our daily diet. Polished white rice is inferior to unpolished and pounded rice. Hence, Wild rice has more fiber and minerals than regular lentils and should be consumed in two servings per day.

It provides both calories and carbs at a minimal cost. A small portion of this delivers a lot of carbs and calories. We can make the rice freeze it and then refrigerate it. Afterward, eat it with different meals.

Moreover, even if you are not hungry it will make you eat. Different ways to consume ric;-

Rice with vegetables

Steamed Rice 

Cooked Brown Rice

Adding some ingredients to rice for taste:- 

Soya bean

Broccoli and Cheese


Yummy Dark Chocolate 

Various benefits can be taken from the Dark Chocolate, as it acts as an antioxidant that aids in the protection of cells from harm. Helps in preventing blood pressure, and cancer, releasing Endorphins which keep us always happy, and many other diseases. 

Recommended to eat homemade dark chocolate without additives. 

Home Chocolate -1 cup cocoa nibs+ ½ cocoa butter+ ¼ honey/maple syrup+ 1 teaspoon vanilla extract+ pinch of Salt.

This chocolate will be higher in calories and boost weight. If you can’t leave without dessert with a healthy diet, then this is a perfect substitute for you. 

Homemade is advised because in dark chocolate 75% of cocoa is crucial. Moreover, consuming 60 to 65% of cocoa has 650 calories. That means eating less and consuming more consumption of calories.

A different way of enjoying the Dark Chocolate

As a dessert

Merge it with different kinds of fruits

Dissolve it in Hot milk or water

With nuts butter

Can be used as a Sauce 

Healthy Nuts and Nuts butter/ dry fruits

Nothing can provide you with nutrients more than nuts or dry fruit. However, nuts and dry fruits are some of the best ways to increase healthy gain weight. Therefore, dry fruits like cashews, almonds, peanut, and other not only lose weight but also keeps you full of proteins.

If you daily forget to eat dry fruits then take all the dry fruits and grind them. After that, you can consume it by mixing it with the milk. Yes, they are of tiny size but are an efficient way to intake the higher number of calories to the body. 

You can also eat in the following ways:

Nuts butter

Different kinds of seeds

Dry fruit with fresh berries

With honey 

Topping of Deserts

Vibrant Red Meats

Red Meat has a lot of nutrients such as iron and vitamin B12, helpful in overall health growth, and can be helpful for those who have weight growth difficulties. Thus, it is also crucial to consume in moderation since this will only assist you in increasing your body bulk.

A small amount of meat contains many calories, protein, and leucine. However, it can be digested by the body more easily than other proteins. 45g is insufficient for the day; over this amount might produce problems for your health.

Adding taste:-

In the form of curry

Beek and porks

Grilled One

Flavorful Avocadoes

Avocadoes can be included in the diet of weight gain journey because of nutrient density and healthy fat. Not only Nutrients but also vitamins, minerals, and fiber of dietary, help us to reach our caloric goal. Therefore, we can add it to our smoothies, salads, sandwiches, and spreads to make them tasty and add flavors to our food items. A good nutrient choice with taste.

Dishes to which you can add:-

Avocado tacos



As a topping


For Monotonous-Chickpeas or Chana

Chana are rich in proteins which leads us to overall growth, repair, and functioning of your body. However, this will ensure overall growth protein promotes and increases your muscle mass. 

We can add it to:-


Add onion & tomato to it for taste

Mix avocado sauce to it.

Tasty Tofu

Tofu and other soya products are excellent sources of protein and soluble fiber. Which controls diabetes, and even reduces higher tension and many other diseases. It should be an essential part of your kitchen snack especially when you are looking for a healthy weight gain. 


Including these 10 healthy foods for weight gain can be a good strategy to gain weight in a healthy way.  Always consume it in a moderate portion and as part of a well-balanced diet. Accept a holistic approach to fueling your body, and keep in mind that patience and constancy are essential when working towards your weight-gain objectives. for more information visit thetourfit.com.

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