Benefits of Cardamom Tea- Journey to Better Health

Cardamom tea, also known as elaichi chai is an Indian-originated tea. Which mesmerises the tongue of every Indian, especially during rainy days. let’s talk about the Benefits of Cardamom Tea– Journey to Better HealthIt is made from cardamom spice which has a sweet flavour and strong aroma.

Cardamom tea is integrated from India but today it is easily available worldwide. Because of its amazing taste and great health benefits. The tea can be consumed by adding milk, sugar, and ginger and by adding some cardamom powder or seeds. You will be blessed with great taste and several health benefits. Let us know more about its specialities and facts.

Types of Cardamom tea

This tea can be made by adding cardamom powder or seeds while making normal tea. There are 2 types of cardamom which are Green cardamom and Black cardamom.

The green cardamom – Elettaria cardamom releases a strong, spicy and slightly sweet taste. While the Black cardamom –  bush amomum cardamom has a refreshing, smoky taste with an aroma of mint.

Benefits of cardamom tea

  • Helps in digestion
  • Helps in weight loss 
  • Enhance oral health
  • Deflecting from a cold and cough 
  • Improve hair and skin health
  • Ulcer prevention
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Great detoxifier
  • Better heart health

Let’s know briefly about the benefits of cardamom tea

Helps in digestion

It was found that cardamom tea can help reduce problems like indigestion, heartburn, upset stomach, etc. As it is an excellent digestive aid. The tea has anti–inflammatory properties that calm the muscles to stop stomach cramps. 

It is good to have a small cup of tea with cardamom seeds. After a meal, the tea helps in the complete absorption of ingested food. The essential oils in cardamom seeds are natural agents that help to get instant relief from bloating and gas. It was also found that drinking cardamom tea may also be the easiest and greatest way to treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Helps in weight loss

Tea can also help to lose weight. If it is taken with a healthy diet cardamom tea is a natural calorie–free beverage. The tea not only helps in weight loss but also improves the function of the digestive system. The tea helps by reducing the fat growth in the lever so it can process waste products easily.

Cardamom contains a lot of B- family vitamins which help to advance the metabolism. It enables the body to work more efficiently which leads to fat burning hence weight loss. This tea is a great replacement for all sugar-containing beverages. Because of its refreshing taste and amazing properties like weight loss.

Enhance oral health

Cardamom tea can also help enhance oral health as it contains antibacterial properties. It can help by preventing bacteria present inside our mouths in teeth or cavities, which reduces bad breath and gives refreshment to the mouth. 

A problem called halitosis – bad breath can be prevented by drinking cardamom tea. Not just drinking the tea but also chewing cardamom seeds can also be very effective. In a study, it was found that both green and black cardamom can help in preventing gum diseases. Prevent tooth decay as it has a good amount of fluoride. 

Deflecting from a cold and cough

For a long period, it is believed that a cup of hot tea with some cardamom seeds and ginger is nothing less than a blessing. Because of its healing properties, it keeps the body warm and cosy. 

Tea is a very common home remedy to fight against colds and coughs.

The cardamom contains mucolytic properties. Which helps in reducing mucus production and decreasing the level of cold and cough out of the body. It also helps in fighting congestion and sore throat. 

Improve hair and skin health

There are antioxidants present in cardamom seeds. Which helps to refine hair health and give it strength. It also keeps the scalp away from itchiness, dryness and dandruff. 

Cardamom tea has anti–inflammatory properties and detoxifies nature which may help in preventing skin infections such as acne. Cardamom also expands blood vessels improves blood flow makes the skin more healthy and helps it to glow. Overall cardamom tea can also have another boon of making better-looking skin. 

Ulcer prevention

One of the best benefits of cardamom tea is that it is very helpful in digestive illness. Cardamom helps in advancing the gastric system functioning as polyphenols present in cardamom help to lower gastric damage. 

It also helps in reducing intestinal cramps and protects the stomach from ulcers. In India, people use this tea as stomach-soothing tea. The discomfort in the stomach due to ulcers can be prevented by having a cup of tea with a good diet. 

Boosts the immune system

Besides preventing ulcers, cold and cough cardamom can also be used. To boost the immune system to make you feel better a lot faster. It contains antioxidants and vitamins which are strong enough to fight against bacteria, viruses and fungi which our body catches frequently. 

The tea provides strength to the immune system to protect it from oxidative stress. Some researchers have also stated that this particular benefit is highly effective. It is also very helpful to protect from fungal infections like candida. 

Great detoxifier

Cardamom tea also helps the liver to eliminate cellular waste and avoid bacteria. The cardamom raises liver function by helping remove toxins from the body. It also helps in breaking down and absorption of fats. 

Having this tea daily may boost your liver performance. The tea works as it increases urination which eliminates unnecessary substances from the body. Hence, cardamom tea also works as a detoxifying agent.

Better heart health

Cardamom contains potassium which also has anti – anti-inflammatory properties which is great for better heart health. There are many benefits of drinking cardamom tea regularly. Such as better blood circulation, reducing high blood pressure, and reduced the chances of heart attack or stroke. 

The tea contains a good amount of caffeine and antioxidants called polyphenols. Which helps in lower blood pressure and health benefits. Another fact about cardamom is that it contains iron which increases the production of red blood cells in the body. The antioxidants present in cardamom also help to regulate cholesterol levels as well as blood sugar levels.

The science behind Cardamom Tea

According to the research, it is shown that cardamom has high antioxidants which improve the blood pressure level in our body. Cardamom has so many benefits and if it is used in making tea then it is more effective with the benefits of tea.

Some of the studies show that cardamom has anti-cancer compounds. This means that the cardamom can make our cancer-fighting cells stronger so that they can fight cancer easily. It has so many anti-bacterial properties which prevent our body from so many diseases.

There are so many benefits of cardamom tea. In ancient times cardamom was used as medicine or for aromatic use. But now people use it in tea and drink it so that they can get an amazing flavour and also with a medical purpose 

Let’s make our favourite cardamom tea

Follow these few easy steps

  1. Take a pot then add water with tea leaves, some sugar and ginger and let it boil
  2. While the water is boiling add a few seeds of cardamom or add few pinches of cardamom powder
  3. When it is nicely boiled add milk and again let it boil on low flame
  4. After it is ready, strain it into a glass or cup and enjoy your healthy and steamy cardamom tea.

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