Cancer Fighting Foods and How it Works?

Cancer is a disease that is no less than a nightmare. When you are fighting cancer you should always have one thing in mind. No food will eliminate the cancer. But it can only lower the risk if you eat healthy and stick to the proper diet. So, to reduce this we need to know the Cancer Fighting Foods that prevent us from cancer.

It is not wrong to say cancer is complex and causes cells to undergo uncontrolled growth and spread to other areas of the body as well. However, it damages the DNA and genes of our body badly. Moreover, it destroys your nerves, blood vessels, and organs and eventually causes death. 

How does Cancer develop?

Before we come to know about the causes of cancer or how to prevent cancer, it is essential to know why this cancer develops in our body and how it affects our body. If there is damage within the cells of the DNA then there is any kind of abnormal growth of cells.

Various reasons for cancer such as genetics or different kinds of environments around you. For example, there is strong evidence that links excessive oxidative stress in the body to the development of cancer. This directly affects our DNA by damage where a lot of oxidation stress is present already. 

This stress comes from smoking, alcohol consumption, unhealthy diet, seed oil, and many more things. In the development of cancer, chronic inflammation plays a very sharp role. After these damages are done, cancer starts to grow and a bunch of these molecules increase inflammation in the surrounding area leaving further damage. 

Now, just imagine the situation when all of these cells trying to rapidly grow & spread & metastasize.

Furthermore, for your kind information, the cells themselves need a lot of oxygen and nutrients. Cancer cells release vectors that promote the growth of new blood vessels. This ensures an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients to the growing tumour mass, facilitating its expansion & metastatic Potential.  

This is how cancer increases in our body and takes us to death. However, this is the simplest way to make you understand the process of cancer. It is important for you to know to understand what kind of food you should eat to fight cancer.

The Main Cause of Cancer 

The cause of cancer is the food we consume daily, not knowing that it can give us diseases to our body, one of the most dangerous is cancer. Here is the list that you can go for:-

Refined Sugar or Table Sugar- This is sugar added to our foods and damages our health naturally. How right? As it is prepared from the sugarcane. Let’s think about this practically, when we drink the juice of sugarcane we can’t consume more than two glasses, which is best for our health and contains negligible amounts of sugar. 

But when it comes to refined sugar made from sugarcane. It contains so many chemicals such as sulfur dioxide, Phosphoric acid, and many more. Also including seven sugarcane gives a minimal amount of it. Therefore, sugar plus chemicals will hurt our bodies which in the future will cause cancer. In short, we can say cancer loves sugar. 

Smoked Food

The process of smoke includes the use of nitrates and nitrites. Specially smoked meats are a popular culinary choice due to their distinctive and appealing flavor profile. Nitrates and nitrites are used to increase the shelf life of the food

When foods are preserved or deep-fried, they undergo a chemical transformation with a compound called N-nitros. It is extremely harmful to our health and can even cause cancer. This can give rise to stomach or colorectal cancer. 


When you sip soda you might be drinking it, but for your kind information, this can cause you cancer. Consumer Reports has tested about 110 kinds of soda from California and New York. After the research, they found that this contains some ingredient that is used for coloring which is called MEI. And even in some of them, they found it too high which can affect our health and cause us cancer. 

After all this research, they have given warnings to the products containing soda at certain levels. Especially those which contain some sort of colour. 

Fried Foods

Most of us love fried fruits, right? But did you know it can cause cancer and take your life? If you then you must know about it and stop eating too much fried. Frying food for more time under high temperatures, t gives birth to a harmful chemical compound called acrylamide. 

Because of this chemical, it has increased the risk of several cancers like ovarian, kidney, and pancreatic cancer.  Not only this fried food also includes excess calories and fats, which can cause obesity and other issues which can higher cancer risk. 

Many other foods 

There are several other foods in line that can cause cancer. Such as farm fish, Hydrogenated food, Popcorn, Processed food, red meat, white flour, high fructose corn syrup, Herbicides, and many more. You should consider avoiding or consuming such food in fewer amounts, which can help you get away from cancer. 

Also, remember that maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise, and positive lifestyle choices can make a difference in keeping you away from cancer while enhancing your overall health and well-being. 

Special Cancer-Fighting Foods

So, it is time to discuss the right food that is going to help you reduce your cancer:-

Cruciferous Vegetables – Anti-cancer veggies

Cruciferous Vegetables include vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, garden cress, bok choy, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, mustard plant, and similar green leaf vegetables. These are most known and renowned for their anti-cancer properties.

These vegetables contain compounds called glucosinolates that metabolize isothiocyanates during digestion. These compounds have been shown to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, prevent DNA damage, and even induce apoptosis, which is a fancy word for the death of cancer cells.

Aside from these compounds, cruciferous vegetables contain a lot of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, making them an essential part of the cancer-preventative and treatment diet. Remember, in broccoli, there is a high amount of phytochemicals called sulforaphane which is especially known for cancer-fighting plant compound food that is linked to reducing the risk of prostate, breast, colon, and oral cancer. 

Garlic and Onion – Protective seasonings

Garlic and Onion belong to the Allium Family and contain sulfur compounds such as Allicin and Quercetin. However, these compounds have demonstrated anti-cancer properties by inhibiting tumour growth-inducing cell death and preventing the formation of blood vessel tumours. 

These both are used for a lot of different health purposes a lot of which is due to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Healthful flaxseeds 

Flaxseed is considered one of the tiniest seeds that come in a variety of different versions. This is a ground seed, some people use flaxseed oil. Flex, seeds also contain a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which are called lignans. These possess anti-cancer properties that interfere with hormone-related cancers such as breast & prostate cancer. 

Along with this, this helps reduce inflammation, which supports the immune system and inhibits tumour growth. The flex seed version is the best way to take flaxseed because these will be digested compared to other seed versions. 

We recommend taking these flaxseed an hour or two after any other supplement medication because it contains this mucus-like fluid called mucilage that can prevent your gut from absorbing other nutrients supplements medication.  

Beans & Legumes – Protein-packed pulses

Beans and Legumes are very famous for lowering the risk of cancer but at the same time, very few people eat them. These are not only high in fibre but they also include compounds that are specifically shown to lower the risk of colorectal cancer. 

However, also this is one of the healthiest foods around the world and provides protein, iron, potassium, magnesium, and other vitamins. This will not help you to lower the risk of cancer but if you consume it regularly for eight weeks it will help you manage your cholesterol up to eight percent. 

This is one of the crucial parts of the mind’s diet that has been associated with a 53% risk reduction of so many diseases. 

Other Foods That Can Lower Cancer Risk 

Not only these can be food that can help you reduce your cancer or finish it. There are many more foods which can help you with this. Such as Berries, Citrus Fruits, Leafy Green vegetables, Green tea, Seeds & Nuts, Whole Grains, turmeric, Peppers,  Celery, Ashwagandha, Black seed oil, herbs & Spices. There are many more, that you must eat in your cancer time, to reduce or the best to finish it. 

What should be the diet of a Cancer Patient?

When someone is suffering from cancer, then the protein and carbohydrate requirement increases in the body, so we need to consume more amount of proteins and carbohydrates. To complete this requirement, you must consume Panner, soybean, sprouts, black Channa ( gram), and different types of lentils ( we get a high amount of protein from this), Those who are vegetarians can consume this.

If you are non-vegetarian, then you must go for eggs or a properly roasted non-veg meal, you can take. But also take precautions about whether non-vegetable food is digestible or not. If any patient has diabetes or BP problems along with cancer, then they must take precautions for sugar, oily food, or high amounts of sugar. 

Try not to contain any kind of oily mixture, white flour items, or any other item that can affect your health. And contain most of the green vegetables or food. 

Last Words

Cancer is a disease that can kill people badly, so we need to take care of everything we consume. Also not only we should only care about when you have cancer, but in daily routine, you must be aware of what you are eating. 

You must eat non-GMO organic food that does not contain any kind of harmful pesticides or harmful chemicals. However, the list of foods is going to help you in reducing your cancer. So, considering these cancer-fighting foods not only helps you reduce your cancer but also keeps you healthy.

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