Himachal Pradesh- Nature’s Heaven

The beauty of this place

India’s most beautiful state attracts a lot of tourism because of its Natural beauty and vibrant colours. It is situated in the Lower Himalayan range. Its snow-capped mountains, rivers, greenery, waterfall, monasteries, and adventure activities make it a perfect holiday destination for every tourist. Himachal Pradesh is traditionally called a destination for all seasons.

It is the most loved tourist place especially because of its versatile nature and its inhabitants. Also, the people of this state are rich in their culture and heritage, which makes this state a more interesting and beautiful state in India. This place is heaven for nature lovers and backpackers, if you get the chance to visit this beauty don’t think twice and feel god’s beautiful creation 

What are the myths and stories about Himachal Pradesh?

All this place is filled with the fragrance of the stories of Pandavas and Shiva-Shakti. There are many temples known because Pandavas visited that place during their exile. At the time of their journey to Heaven. It is believed that a wooden temple. It is situated at Khijjar and is carved by Pandavas and they craft their images on the pillars of that temple.

Another story is related to the go goddess Shiv-Parvati. Most people of this state worship lord Shiva as a supreme god of breaking and amending. Goddess Parvati is the mother of power and love. Many temples are devoted to their love and people’s belief in Shiv-Shakti. One of the temples i.e. Jawalamukhi temple in Kangna District of goddess Parvati. It is known for a mystical flame that burns all the time without any fuel.

People believe that this flame is burned on the tongue of Shakti. When she burns herself in the fire, because of the insult of Lord Shiva by his father. There are so many temples in which people have different beliefs and worship. 

Heritage and Culture of Himachal Pradesh

After the natural scenery of Himachal Pradesh its Heritage and culture make this place a great place. People of this state are strongly connected to the roots, of their culture and heritage without any influence from Western culture. The beauty of this state lies in the simplicity of the residence of this place, its warmth and its overwhelming nature.

Firstly Hindu civilisation is the occupant in this state but, the Aryans who settled here from central Asia affected the culture and tradition of this state. It is a state with different religions, different tribes, and different languages but with the same kind heart and soul. Different communities live together some of them are Brahmins,kolis, Rajputs, etc. and some tribal communities are Gaddis, Gujjars, etc and so many more communities live there. 

Most of the people of Himachal earn their livelihood by indulging in apple farming, animal husbandry, and handicrafts. Their dance and songs show their culture and they worship their god by singing and dancing to their traditional music.

What are the must-visit places in Himachal Pradesh?

There are so many places to visit here, A list of some of the most beautiful and amazing places that should be visited in Himachal Pradesh are-

  • Manali- It’s one of the best-known destinations for the newly wedding couple, but now it is also a good place for youngsters because of the so many adventure activities. This place is known for its pleasant and peaceful beauty lies in the snow-covered mountains and the beautiful greenery, during summer. Manali is located in the Kullu district of Himachal.
  • Shimla- A place known as a summer station because of its climate and beauty in this season. In summer this place became more attractive and full of tourists. Some of the places to visit in Shimla are the Ridge, Jhaku temple, Green Valley, Mall Road, etc.
  • Dalhouji- This place is known for its meadows, waterfall, and dense forest. It is spread over five hills and shows a mesmerizing view of the snow-covered Dhauladhar peak. It offers a beautiful landscape and valleys for the best tourist experience.
  • Kasol- This place is one of the most known and loved tourist places. It is mostly loved by trekkers, because of the amazing tracking places and so many adventurous activities for the youngster. This makes this place more favourable for a travel destination.
  • Kaza- it is located in the Lahaul-Spiti District of Himachal. It is the best combination of nature and ancient art. This place is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, rivers, and beautiful landscapes, all this makes it a magical place for nature lovers

Fun and adventurous Activities you must try

  • River Rafting- River Rafting in Kullu and Mashobra. An amazing experience of going against the rough water and the moment. While doing this the water droplets on your face make you feel amazing. This will be a lifetime experience and will surely be loved by you. It has different difficulty levels according to your expertise.
  • Paragliding- The best place to experience the wings like a bird in the beautiful sky is Bir-Billing in Kangra. It is the best place to feel the beauty of the Himachal from the sky and have fun. If you are a beginner to this then a professional trainer will be with you, during the whole experience for your safety. 
  • Camping- It is the best way to witness the natural beauty of this place. Camping gives you an amazing feel of nature heaven. Trekkers can carry their material with them for the camping, if they want and the people also provide all the facilities to the tourists for the camping.
  • Ice Skating- One of the loved ice sports to enjoy the ice-covered places in Shimla. The season for experiencing this is between December to February. Around Christmas, most of the people visit this place with their families and friends. So there is a lot of tourist around Christmas time.
Last few words

This place is known for its beauty either in summer or winter this place is always beautiful. Himachal Pradesh is defined as a place in the lap of snow which makes its name Himachal. If you wanna live your life and want to experience, one of the best nature creations select your travel destination here, and spend some time with your loved ones and have a fun and memorable time with them.

If you visit this place in summer, you will experience a layer of greenery all over the place and if you are planning your trip in winter, you will gonna love the snowfall and layer of snow all over the place and you, are gonna love it.

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