How to Choose the Right Calculus Bridge for You

Did you brush your teeth just after eating something? No, right. Then you might have a thin and sticky layer of coating on your teeth. That is usually known as Plaque. If you are taking care of this plaque that means no brushing or flossing, then it will convent into Tartar. It is also known to us by the name of Calculus. If not given attention to it, would be going to the convert to Calculus Bridge

A ‘Calculus bridge’ is a phrase that is not widely used in everyday conversation, but it can become a dental problem if left untreated. This article will take you into the engagement of dental calculus bridges, investigating their sources, implications, and preventative techniques.

What is the distinction between a Plaque and a Calculus Bridge?

On a daily basis, we eat to survive, and if after eating, we don’t brush or floss day-to-day then this can affect our teeth. Plaque is basically the sticky substance of food particles that are left in our teeth after eating any kind of food, these particles mix with the saliva and are known as Plaque.  

This basically builds by eating something like surgery or starchy. This concept doesn’t end here, this moves long away with us as this film becomes more rigid with a substance known as tartar, if not done care of your teeth on time. 

After the build-up of the Plaque, this began to spread over the teeth to the gumline. Therefore, when Tatar spread so much and started connecting to the gumline of the teeth. Then the teeth start looking so bad and a stained tan or brown color starts becoming on the teeth is basically called Calculus Bridge

Reason Behind Calculus Bridge

Calculus or tartar formation happens for a variety of reasons:-

  • Saliva Mineral Content
  • Dry Mouth
  • Diet
  • Smoking 
  • Genetics
  • Poor Oral Hygiene

Mostly these problems are seen in older people. If the silva produced is decreased can lead to an increase in the build-up of Calculus formation because saliva is the only source that helps to wash away the food particles and other bacteria from the mouth.  

If your diet is rich in sugary or starchy food, then this can increase the bacteria in the mouth, which will lead to plaque and at last calculus formation. The elder people who suffer from low blood pressure, depression, or any other problems, this can make your mouth dry as a side effect of its medicines. So, it is better to take care of it timely because a dry mouth can increase the risk of Calculus and other tooth decay as well. 

Treatment or Removal of Calculus Bridge 

You can’t brush off your teeth if your teeth are covered by plaque or calculus. This can be only done by dental hygiene, if you consult a professional then you can wipe all or most of it with one cleaning only and one setting.

But if has spread reached below or under the gumline, then only cleaning will not only sufficient to remove it. The Dental hygienist can go for the Scaling and rooting. This process will remove the deposit from below the gum line and will smooth the tooth roots.

If calculus has caused some significant issues such as Abscesses or bone loss, then the hygienist can go for the Surgical Intervention. Multiple sessions may be required with your dentist to completely solve the problem of Calculus. 

Prevention of Calculus Bridge

To avoid dental disorders such as calculus buildup, practicing proper oral hygiene and attending frequent dentist treatments are essential. However, Plaque doesn’t take a long time to build up calculus, so we need to take care of it as soon as possible. 

If in starting we start taking the treatment, then it can be removed. Otherwise, if it doesn’t then it has a higher chance of not getting removed. Here are some of the bridges that can help us overcome calculus:- 

  • Use Mouthwash
  • Drink water
  • Regular dental checkups
  • Daily brushing your teeth twice
  • Regular Flossing
  • Proper diet avoiding sugary and starchy
  • Good Oral Hygiene and 
  • Limited acidic food
  • No food in between your meals

Smoking can lead to gum disease and the production of calculus. Smoking cessation can enhance your dental health. Moreover, it’s better to quit smoking to avoid such kind of problems.

Side Effects of Calculus Bridge

  • Periodontitis – Also known as Gum disease. Calculus can irritate the gums and cause irritation of the gums, which can proceed to periodontitis, a more serious type of gum disease, if left untreated.
  • Tooth Decay- Calculus can make your teeth rough, which will prevent the bacteria from sticking and at last leading to tooth decay. 
  • Halitosis- If bacteria is growing up the calculus, then it will definitely contribute to the persistent bad breath. The breath after eating and having any certain food will be pungent and this will not even go after brushing up your teeth. 
  • Teeth Mobility- Tooth movement can result from severe calculus development paired with gum disease. 
  • Loss of tooth- If you leave calculus untreated then be ready for the loss of your teeth one by one.
  • Gingivitis- When calculus, is in the process of building up you will notice that teeth gum is getting red, and you may bleed while brushing or flossing. This can lead to some major problems.
  • Receding Gums-  Also known as gingival receding, can cause tooth discomfort, cosmetic difficulties, and even more serious dental disorders. And calculus can lead to bone loss. 

A General Look at the Calculus Bridge

Calculus generally looks brown or tan in color along with the edges of the gumline. If you don’t take it seriously this can extend over along the surface of teeth. 

However, the quantity of tartar buildup varies from mouth to mouth, a calculus bridge may seem different from person to person.

Table for Calculus Bridge 

 Causes Saliva Mineral Content, Dry Mouth, Diet, Smoking, Genetics, Poor Oral Hygiene
 Side effectsPeriodontitis, Tooth Decay, Halitosis,  Teeth Mobility, Loss of tooth, Gingivitis, Receding Gums
 TreatmentHands Instruments such as scaling, rooting, and proper cleaning. And Ultrasonic Instrument which vibrates at high rates in order to break down calculus in preparation for removal.
 PreventionUse Mouthwash, Drink water, have Regular dental checkups, Brush your teeth twice, Regular Flossing, Proper diet avoid sugary and starchy, Have Good Oral Hygiene, and, Limited acidic food, No food in between your meals
Finishing Words

Calculus is a serious issue and should be treated on time. Untreated dental calculus can lead to a number of dental problems, including gum disease and tooth decay if left untreated. However, this won’t only look bad but also have a dangerous effect on our oral health. 

It can be caused by poor oral hygiene, an unhealthy diet, having tambacoo, or smoking on a daily basis. Calculus Bridge has treatment only if you go to the hygienist on time. Otherwise, you will lose your teeth or have many other problems with your teeth. 

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