How to use ginger for weight loss

Ginger is an essential ingredient used in Kitchen. Its stem came from Southeast Asia. However, it is now cultivated in most of the states in India such as Karnataka, Orissa, Assam, Gujarat, and Andhra Pradesh. In India, thousands of medicines are made from Ginger. How to use ginger for weight loss is the question many people ask.

Ginger is not only used as a weight loss component but also gives lots of benefits in our daily life. Such as it gives relief to the cough, helps in digestion, enhances our energy level, and any kind of heart disease, and even controls diabetes. Don’t take ginger as a normal component, it is proven from studies that it is an important ingredient for the management of weight. 

Why ginger be used for weight loss?

Ginger consists of Antioxidants and Antinausea properties. However, it has two bioactive compounds which mainly help in losing weight i.e. Gingerols and Shogaol. This as well gives us the advantage of burning fat and storing fat. 

An experiment was done by some scientists that a woman was given powdered ginger for regular 15 weeks. She starts feeling a decrease in her appetite and even loose measurements compared with the first day. 

Not only one experiment has been done for knowing its impact on weight. All these experiments have given positive results in terms of weight loss. These investigations are not done on humans but also on animals, they have also given the outcome as expected by the scientists. Therefore, it reduces the hunger issue as well. 

Recipes or Procedure of Ginger for Losing Weight

  • Ginger Tea– As we all know green tea is used as a weight-loss component which contains caffeine and catechin. Also, increase our metabolism. If you wanted to make ginger tea, then take ginger small pieces of ginger up to 4g and boil it in water for 5 to 6 minutes. Now add green tea to it and your ginger tea is ready. And if you don’t have ground ginger then you can use a bag of ginger and green tea to make a proper ginger tea in a limited period of time. You can even add an in place of green tea.

Green tea+ Ginger+ Water(hot water) = Ginger Tea 

  • Ginger Juice- Juice of ginger is the most beneficial for appetite and decreases your measurements. We can even add other things to remove its pungent smell such as honey, water, and again lemon can be added to even add taste to it for the taste. Even agave can be added to it making it sweeter. 

 Ginger+ honey+ water+ lemon = Ginger Juice ( to make it sweet in taste naturally add agave)

Some Special Recipes

  • Ginger with pineapple juice– If you are feeling hot then you have this juice. Pineapple contains bromelain enzyme extracted from the stem of the pineapple and also is a supplement of dietary.  Take small pieces of pineapple and 2 to 3 pieces of ginger and blend them together and then add cold water to it. Serve it as a cold smoothie for you and your family. Have to once or twice a day. 

Pineapple + ginger+ cold water = Ginger pineapple juice

  • Ginger with Apple Cider Vinegar– Apple Cider Vinegar is well known for its weight loss and enhances your gut health. Therefore, Ginger benefits we already know from above. 

Ginger+ water+ one teaspoon apple cider Vinegar= Ginger Vinegar.

  • Ginger Water- If we don’t have any ingredients to add to the ginger, then we normally take ginger and crushed it properly in a particular amount of water. Afterward, boil this ginger water and consume it. 

Ginger + Water+ boil= Ginger Water

This is the proper way how to use ginger for weight loss. We can even add ginger to our daily routine while preparing vegetables, recipes, or teas.  


 Amount Don’t consume more than 4g in a day and during pregnancy only up to 1 to 1.5 grams.
 Skin IrritationIf you have any kind of itching problem then first take advice from doctors.
 Can cause bleedingWhen women are in their pregnant excess amounts can give cause bleeding. So, take care of it. 
 Stomach ProblemIf an excess amount is intaken by anyone, you may have to deal with digestion problems and many other related to the stomach.
 Lower blood pressure Yes, ginger helps in lowering your blood pressure, but if you intake in large amounts then you can lower your blood pressure more than required.
Blood ClottingIf you have any problem with periods, it can decrease or increase your bleeding.
Constipation Ginger can lead to constipation if intaken more than 4g. 
Before any surgery, stop eating. If any kind of surgery is going to happen in the future, then stop consuming it before two months. Especially during pregnancy.

Added Advantages of Ginger

  1. Regulation of cortisol- It is a kind of stress hormone. When ginger is included in the daily routine then it will reduce your stress level, whatever kind of stress you are having in you and your mind. 
  2. Increases your energy level- If you have ginger in any form in the morning, you will be so fresh and there is a boost in your energy for the whole day. You will be active in your work and productivity will increase day by day. 
  3. Helps in vomit and nausea- Ginger is the most helpful ingredient helpful for vomit and nausea. During pregnancy time, it is a very common problem so adding ginger to your meal can help you reduce vomit and nausea. 
  4. Menstrual pain- In periods of pain, girls are not supposed to take any medicine and the pain is unbearable. Then you can consume ginger in any way, it is going to help reduce your pain. The recipe given above with the pineapple is most helpful at this point in time.

These four are just explained in detail there are even many more such as increased blood circulation, can lower sugar levels, can decrease the possibility of heart diseases, digestion problems are mostly solved by ginger, Lower the risk of cancer, and prevent kidney stones. 

Last lines

Research shows that Ginger is very helpful for weight loss. So, without any problem, we can consume ginger but take care not in excess amounts. Because anything in excess amount can affect our bodies. The best thing is, we are not consuming it for one benefit, it has numerous advantages.

Always take care never to have more than 4g in a day. We hope that you get the answer on how to use ginger for weight loss in this article. If you wanted to have more such information for maintaining weight then stay tuned with  

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