Know the Best Food for Hair Growth

Hairs are something that decides your look, and along with this they also reflect your internal health. Because what we eat and how we treat our bodies is seen through our hair and skin. Together with diet, genetics has a big role in the length and thickness of the hair. So, Having a proper diet plays a significant role in maintaining your hair growth. Most people search for the best food for hair growth and they have multiple answers to this question. 

Therefore, it is time to make it easy for each and everyone what kind of food is best for their hair growth. 

Reasons Why your Hairs are Not Growing

Splits are one of the reasons your hair grows from the roots because of this your hair doesn’t grow that is why you must trim your hair once a month. The second reason is as your age increases, the hair cycle starts decreasing and your hairs also start getting weakened.  

The hair cycle starts decreasing because of chemical treatment and heat styling. 

Remedies for hair loss. Also, if you do not care about your hair then your hair must not be growing. Washing hairs with hot water can give you only hair loss and stoppage of hairs.

In your daily routine, if you are not consuming healthy food and having the oiling food daily then your hair will not grow. Because it is very important to what you are consuming daily. Other than this there are many other factors like genetics, health conditions, hormonal, age, diet, and most importantly your lifestyle. 

Every strand has an appropriate cycle of development, relaxation, and shedding, which you must be aware of Hair growth may be impacted by injury to the hair follicles or irregularities in this cycle. Furthermore, several illnesses, dietary inadequacies, stress, or drugs may affect hair development.

Best Food for Hair Growth

Curry leaves – Hair Food Booster

Curry leaves are one of the best things for your hair because it contains Contain, vitamin B, Beta-Carotene, Anti-oxidants, and Proteins that help us with cellular regeneration and promote healthy circulation to the blood vessels in the scalp. Also, considered as the top food to stop hair growth and hair thinning. 

However, curry leaves also have a high amount of amino acids that help us strengthen hair fiber. If you know then you must know the people in south India consume curry leaves daily and they have very long, thick, and black hair. Curry leaves are one of the main reasons they use curry leaves in their daily food. 

If you are from India, then curry leaves are very common, you can simply pluck them from the tree and chew them or you can add them to your food as well. 

Other benefits

> Prevent premature hairs

> Protect hair from Damage

> Protects against hair loss

> Reduce Dandruff 

> Remove Itchness in Scalp

Carrot – HairFuel Enhancer

Carrot is the powerhouse of nutrients as it contains nutrients such as Vitamin A, i.e., beta-carotene, Vitamin C, Carotenoids, Potassium, and Antioxidants. Widely known to improve hair thickness, effective in combating hair loss make your hair stronger, healthier, and stronger. However, Vitamin C and Vitamin A in carrots improve blood circulation in the scalp. Plus, will also prevent premature or grey hair.

The right way to consume carrots is to eat as raw or drink as Juice. Just having 100g of carrot has 1000 copious 16000 international units of Vitamin A, which is more than the daily requirement. Biotin is also the reason for accelerating Keratin production. Now, the question is what is keratin? It is a protein of which the hair is made of.

Even, you will be amazed to know that the hair industry runs on two things i.e. Biotin and DHT-blocking pills. Both of which are present in carrots. 

Buttermilk – Hair Nourisher

The other name is buttermilk is a well-churned yogurt, mixed with double the amount of water and spiced appropriately. Just imagine, if a tree is falling its leaves, then what can be the reason? The reason lies in only the roots of the tree, right? 

So, the same is the case of hairs where the root of hair fall lies in the stomach. So, if you are facing any kind of indigestion then your body is not in the state of absorbing the vital nutrients from the food and as a result, your hair gets weaker day by day and eventually falls. That is where the buttermilk helps, that is rich in probiotics and lactic acid. However, when you consume it post-lunch it helps strengthen the roots of hairs. 

Reduces the body’s heat and also works as a hair shampoo & conditioner that is two benefits. 

Amla – Nutrient-Rich Fruit

Amla is a well-known time time-tested traditional medicine that is not only known in India but throughout the world for promoting scalp and hair health. If you are aware of hair products then you must know that every product consists of Amla for sale in the market. Rich in antioxidants when we consume food and hair regenerators that stimulate the hair follicles and strengthen the hair. 

Amla is among the top DHT-blocking foods. Amla is filled with all good things but the problem is it could be better to consume. But you don’t need to worry there are many ways by which you can easily consume this.  

  1. Juice– Amla Juice of any reputed brand and dilute with an equal amount of water.
  2. Tablet – Amla candy with honey
  3. Candy– Amla Murabba with honey
  4. Amalaki Rasayana is a powerful healthy Ayurvedic supplement. 
  5. Raw amla boiled with rice gets easy to eat and can also be eaten as a pickle.

           If you have any kind of hair-related problems and you are not consuming the amla you are making a huge mistake. You must go for it. 

Almonds – Nutrient Powerhouse

Many people don’t know that almonds are one of the greatest sources of hair growth as it has biotin, which makes them an excellent alternative to artificial biotin supplements. Along with this, this also contains other fatty acids like oleic and linoleic acid, which are proven DHT blockers.

Vitamin E is another proven anti-hair nutrient for which almonds are a dependable source. 

Three Best ways to consume Alonds:-

  1. Soak almonds in water, peel the skin off, and chew them until they become liquid in your mouth. 
  2. Have one tablespoon of unsweetened almond butter.
  3. Consume a teaspoon of sweet almond oil in a glass of milk before sleeping at night. 

Hair Care Routine that You Must Follow

Massage your scalp every day – Giving a massage to your hair is the best thing you can do for your hair. This prompts circulation nourishes follicles and encourages hair growth. 

Combing – You must comb your hair from the tips to the root to prevent breakage. If you would you wide and wooden comb would be best for you, especially for thick and long Indian hairs.

Avoid Tight Hair Styling- Never do tight pony or hairstyles tightly in your daily routine. As they could become responsible for stress and damaging your hair growth and strands. 

Avoid Excessive Heat Styling – It is best if you avoid using heating tools such as straighteners and curling irons. 

Nourishing Mask- This would be best if you use a hair mask twice or at least once a week. Ingredients such as aloe vera, Hibiscus, or coconut oil. Or you can do hot oil treatment weekly. Warm some coconut oil or olive oil and apply generously on your scalp and hair. After this cover your hair with a towel. 

Your Diet Plan for Hair Growth 

When you walk up have half a glass of warm water and then do some shaucha practices cleansing practices that are brushing, massaging gum, cleaning the tongue, cleaning the root of the tongue, and so on. 

After this, again have a glass of warm water but this time with half a lemon inside, also you can add haldi and amla powder inside and drink it. Also remember to drink it in a sitting position, slowly sip by sip. 

Eat almonds daily, that are soaked one night and eat them in the morning. Do have fruits in the breakfast that also contain date, fig, apricot, cashew nuts and such kind of stuff. And then have one glass of warm milk and add a little chia seeds to it. 

Breakfast – Have 5 to 7 spoons of poha or 2 to 3  idli. Sometimes it is dhokla, rawa, or up. Oats or ragi puddling & ragi with curd.

Lunch – Have one chapati or rice, little pulses like sprouted moong, matki, chana, Matar, etc, and add some seasonal vegetables such as palak, methi, bhindi, or whatever vegetable is available. 

Dinner – Dinner Must be before 7 pm. You can have masala-dosa, uttapam, idli-sambar, mixed vegetables, soups, etc. For taste, you can have pav bhaji, with either bread or paratha. And at the time of sleeping have 1 glass of warm water. 

Finishing Words

If you would nourish your hair while contributing significantly to the healthy growth of hair. So, it is very essential to adopt the best food for Hair Growth. To give your hair the vital building blocks it requires to flourish, don’t forget to drink enough water and eat a balanced diet. Your road towards healthier, more attractive hair therefore begins with what you eat, whether you’re loving a cup of nutritious buttermilk, savoring the tangy flavor of amla, or nibbling on a handful of almonds.

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