Pilates for weight loss

A conditioning program for the entire body. In which all the muscles are evenly developed and overuse of specific muscle groups will be avoided. It is a type of exercise created by a professional German boxer Mr Joseph Hubertus Pilates. In 1920 who is in the UK teaching British police self-defence. Also known for pilates for weight loss

He was building a methodology for correcting and realigning the body. It was the time of World War. So his Motivation was to heal and recover people from injuries and build lean mass. He set up a camp there and started working on injured people during their time of need. 

It consists of many different exercises. Which can help you in many different ways and will be adjusted as you work on it. This exercise is evaluated and modified scientifically for the benefit of the modern lifestyle. People, also practice Pilates because it improves flexibility, core stability and body control, and it reduces the chance of back pain.

How does Pilates for weight loss work?

Pilates are beneficial in weight loss. Any exercise helps in weight loss and pilates is a type of exercise. This depends on various factors like body type, fat consideration, gender, age and others. Everyone has a different body type so it affects different on different person. Pilates for weight loss surely results in a decrease in body weight.

Pilates may not affect your body composition after a few months it can happen because of the no particular diet. You must have to maintain your diet and measure your daily intake of calories and how much calories you have to burn during pilates exercise. 

Only pilates or any other exercise can not help in proper weight loss. Until you don’t work on your daily eating habits and don’t know what to eat. For proper weight loss hire a nutritionist or dietitian who will help you maintain your diet. Pilates will help you burn calories which also helps in strong muscles, healthy organs and a sound mind.

Benefits of doing Pilates

  • It prevents physical injuries and also rehabilitation which means cure or treatment to back to the state where you were in your body.
  • It also helps in improving muscle strength and increasing length. Works in increasing flexibility also with muscular strength 
  • Improve core balance, control and stability, which help us have great body balance and core strength, preventing bad posture.
  • It works in such a way which helps connect body and mind. Body and mind awareness will help in improving our body posture and movements 
  • Pilates help strengthen muscles and increase their flexibility, endurance and length. Also connects body and mind and shows a great result in fitness and weight loss

How does Pilates affect the body?

It focuses on the abdomen, lower back, and buttocks known as the core or the power centre to promote strength, muscular harmony and balance using efficient exercises based on the control of the body and correct breathing techniques.

help to improve body alignment i.e. muscular strength stability, balance also improves body posture. Also beneficial for people who work at the desk and prevents body leaning. Especially this exercise is done to get a tone and a beautiful body with strength and stability. 

Science behind pilates

In pilates, there are more than 50 simple movements done repetitively with less rest gap. Repetitive moment of the same muscle causes muscle exertion. This strength and exhausting workout increases capacity and endurance which is enough to challenge an athlete. 

Scientifically it is proven that it is the treatment for arthritis joints like knees and hips to improve and strengthen them. it also improves neck pain, improves body movement and body posture. Shoulder weakness, rotator cuff weakness, knee cap pain and lower limb weakness. 

Study shows that it is effective in improving flexibility, muscle strength, and abdominal stability. Also helps in curing chronic disease by improving strength and mobility, ultimately improving quality of life. Make the body more active in day-to-day activities and have more strength in any task compared to other people.

Still, there is more to study regarding Pilates but less knowledge available regarding Pilates in the published research because of the lack of proper methodology. 

How gym and Pilates are different from each other?

Gym and pilates both work in physical fitness and help to stay fit. Choosing between gym and pilates only through the choice of which type of fitness you wanted in your body either a muscles up or a lean 

  • Gym works on particular muscles of the body but pilates work on muscles of the entire body. Pilates 2 ways mat pilates(no equipment only a thin mat at home), reformer pilates(require so much equipment).
  • Pilates helps in improving the strength and flexibility of the whole body whereas gym works on increasing muscle size and focus on exercise like weight lifting etc.
  • Gym workouts and training work on the larger muscles and body with pumped-up muscles. On the other hand, pilates exercise works on a lean body, strong muscles and body posture 

A very helpful exercise for the overall mind and health and increases muscle strength and endurance. It makes your body tone and lean also beautiful. This will show a great result when it is done with proper eating. If you want to lose body weight then have regular pilates for weight loss along with a proper diet.

A very effective technique used to live your life healthily. It creates a proper balance in our body not only physically but also mentally. Known as a type of exercise called pilates.

Before doing pilates if you have any injury or pain in any part of your body. Then you should consult your doctor. Only if your doctor allows you then you can do pilates. Pregnant women, persons with any kind of surgery. Females aged more than 55 years and males older than 45 years should not try this.

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