Revealing The Truth Of Heart Attack

A heart attack occurs when the heart does not get a sufficient amount of blood, for the daily work, due to the blockage in the artery near the heart muscle. The medical name of a heart attack is Myocardial infarction, which means death of heart muscle due to lack of oxygen supply. 

Cardiac arrest and myocardium are different from each other it is not the same. It will stop the working of the heart and cause death. But chest pain is because of artery blockage, which can be cured in any situation. If not treated on time, then it will be the reason for a cardiac attack.

Both of them are dangerous for the health and should be treated. It is an emergency do-and-die situation in both cases. The attack can be minor or serious so it is important to get medical aid immediately. Get a whole heart checkup and find the cause of the heart attack. If you delay a little it can be the cause of your death.

What can be the symptoms of Heart Attack?

Symptoms can be different from person to person. The symptoms can be minor, serious or there will be no symptoms.

  • Symptoms in Men- The signs in men can be feeling pressure pain or stiffness in the chest. Burning of the heart or feeling of indigestion, feeling sweaty and damp. Coughing or getting cold sweat, unable to breathe properly.
  • Symptoms in Women- There is less possibility of having chest pain or discomfort like indigestion. Most of the symptoms seen in women are dyspnea(shortness of breath), sleeplessness, and fatigue. Signs before a heart attack can be, vomiting or feeling weak or shoulder, back, neck, arms, and abdomen pain

What causes Heart attacks?

Most heart attacks occur due to blockage in one of the arteries. The substance called plaque builds inside the artery and causes breakage and rupture of the artery.

This blood clot is formed at the rupture area and this will stop. The flow of blood from that artery to the heart causes a Heart Attack. There are some other reasons which can be trauma, a blood clot or air bubble getting stuck inside the artery, and low oxygen level in the blood are most of the causes.

Determinants of Heart Attack

Some factors can be the reason for cardiovascular disease:

  • Age- Men who are more than 45. Women who are more than 55, are at the more risk because of the age factor. As you get older the more will be the risk
  • High blood pressure- High BP can damage the heart artery and this is because of bad lifestyle habits and obesity.
  • Family history- If any elder in your family parents, grandparents, or siblings have a heart issue then. You may be at risk because, of the genetic factor which can affect your heart health
  • Sedentary lifestyle- A lifestyle you choose to live can affect, your health either in a bad way or a good way. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, which means there is very little or no physical activity, in your daily routine then you are at risk
  • Obesity- It is the most important factor in having a heart attack. This relates to so many diseases like- high BP. High cholesterol, diabetes, and some other diseases which affects heart health the most

What to do if you are feeling to get a heart attack?

Try doing these things.

  • Call 911 for immediate medical help.
  • Take heart attack medicine if prescribed by doctors.
  • Start chewing aspirin but only if you are not allergic to it.
  • Loosen your clothes to increase blood flow.
  • Went outdoors if you are inside a closed place open windows and gates.
  • Try to catch CPR means taking a deep breath to cough, a cough increases the blood flow.
  • Rest in a comfortable place and a comfortable position. 

How can I help if someone is having a heart attack?

If you find someone unconscious because of a heart attack or someone is having a heart attack, then first of all check the pulse and breathing of that person. If the person is breathing then, get medical aid as fast as you can and you should call 911.

Which is immediate help for heart attack patients, also give aspirin for chewing or swallowing. Which helps in blood flow, if the pulse is not working. That means the person is unconscious start giving CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation. To continue blood flow after calling medical help, You can push hard on the patient’s chest for 1 minute 100 to 120 times. 

Tips for a Healthy Heart

If you want to keep your heart health good then, follow these tips which will help your heart to stay fit and away from all kinds of heart disease. These tips are just to be included in the day-to-day activities and make it part of your life if you want to live a long and healthy life.

Have good eating habits- Eating healthy meals and avoiding fast food will protect your heart from any unhealthy food and prevent obesity, diabetes, bad cholesterol, and a lot of heart disease, all of which are the causes of Heart attack.

Physical activity- Physical activities are the most important thing if you want your heart good life. It helps in the increase in blood flow due to the work of the body, and an increase in blood flow means the proper supply of blood to the heart. 

Physical activity is best recommended by doctors if, you have any problem related to Heart blockage or anything related,

Medical checkup- Go for the whole body check and a routine checkup after a fixed period. This will maintain your heart and body health and you will live a healthy longer life. 

Last few words

Heart attack is very harmful to our whole body. So if someone or anyone near you is a person with heart pain, then you should act as fast as you can because this can cause death. Let’s take care of our family and the close ones so they, stay fit and healthy, also tell them all about this so that they can able to help anyone in this situation even themselves. 

Share with them tips to have a healthy heart and the causes of this, and preventions to prevent heart pain. This is a very critical health problem which is increasing day by day because of today’s environment, sedentary lifestyle, and bad food habits. 

Let us not ignore this condition and understand its symptoms get medical help, it will help you and your loved ones.

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