Dalhousie – Where Nature’s Beauty Unfolds

Dalhousie is one of the finest hill stations of Himachal. It spreads over 5 different hills. Those are kathlog , Terah, bakrota , potreyn and bhangora. The town is rich in colonial architecture. Beautiful churches and a touch of Tibetan culture also extend its beauty and admiration. Anyone who visits here surely falls in love with the vibe of this place. The town is pure bliss. Let us know more about Dalhousie – where nature’s beauty unfolds.

The place is best in summer for vacations because of the cool and breezy climate. Wooden hills, springs, and waterfalls increase the charm of the place. River Ravi and Dhauladhar ranges add some extra view. The mall road is the main market of Dalhousie. They have the best collection of woollen shawls, traditional jewellery, handicrafts etc. 

History of Dalhousie 

The governor-general of India lord Dalhousie founded Dalhousie in 1850. Initially, Dalhousie was part of Punjab. After the Sikh War in 1849, the town was under the dominance of the British. It was first spotted by Lt. Col Napier, the chief engineer of Punjab in 1850. 

Sir Donald Mcleod suggested naming the hill station after lord Dalhousie. He suggested the name because during his stay lord Dalhousie initiated many developmental projects such as telegraph, postal service, railways and construction of roads in this region. All of this led to a flood of tourists. 

The town was the part of Gurdaspur district till 1861 and later Dalhousie officially became part of Himachal Pradesh in 1966. 

Climate of Dalhousie 

The Himalayas surround the hill station causing the climate here to remain chilled and icy. However, we must know the weather conditions of the town in different seasons of the year : 

  1. Winter – The temperature affects a lot in winter as the place is around the Himalayas. The temperature could go a minimum of 0 degrees Celsius. It could drop to the freezing point. Most importantly, if you are planning to go on a vacation in winter, pack a ton of woollen clothes to enjoy in the snow. 
  2. Summer – One can explore Dalhousie in summer as it gives justice to the nature of this place. The maximum temperature here is 24 degrees Celsius. One can easily have fun in summer as the surroundings are pleasant and the greenery is a delight to watch. 
  3. Monsoon – It is really fun to roam around in the town during monsoon. It almost feels like walking on clouds as Dalhousie gets foggy and cloudy during this season. 

Places to visit in Dalhousie  

There are many adventures in this tourist city itself. People enjoy the natural beauty of many delightful places in this town. There are a few places which are highlights of this place. Let us get to know more about these places

  • The Mall Road –  People popularly know the Mall Road Gandhi Chowk as the Mall Road market of Dalhousie. It is one of the most visited spots of this place. The mall road is a market with a wide range of traditional stuff like clothes and jewellery. 

The place looks mesmerising in the evening when it is all lit up. Pir Panjal’s mountain range is also visible from here which also is another beautiful view. 

  • Chamera Lake – It is an amazing artificial lake located 35 km away from Dalhousie. This lake is present near Chamera Dam on the Ravi River. The hydroelectric scheme constructed the lake. One can do adventurous activities like river rafting, motor boating, and canoeing, for the fun. 

It sits near the valley surrounded by the forests of Bhandal Valley. tourists consider the ancient Bheli temple another significant place, finding it very faithful. 

  • Dainkund Peak – Dainkund is the highest peak of Dalhousie. In winter, this place gets the maximum snow which covers the peak and trees. This beautiful scene attracts the visitors a lot. The highlights of this place are its peaceful forests and colourful and fresh flowers.

The view of Khajjiar Lake from Dainkund is something beyond delightful. The reason this place is one of the most visited places in Dalhousie is its charm and peaceful atmosphere. 

  • Chamunda Devi temple – The temple is situated on the banks of the Baner River. This is one of the most famous and esteemed temples of this region. They built the temple 750 years ago. The temple devotees the goddess Kali, the most fierce avatar of goddess Durga.

The temple is surrounded by dense deodar and pine trees and also awesome mountains which makes the area around the temple even more attractive. The dense forests of Lahl and Pathiar surround the whole area. Therefore, words are not enough to describe the beauty and devotional faith of this place.  

Ma Chamunda temple is located in Kangra district of Himachal. One can easily reach Kangra from Dalhousie by bus or taxi. People come to visit this place from far away places to worship Maa Durga and lord shiva. 

  • Panchpula – Tourists love to visit Panchpula because of its scenic calmness. The place is surrounded by pine and deodar trees and also refreshing water streams and waterfalls. If a person wants to spend some quality time with his or her family, this is the best spot to visit when in Dalhousie. 

The place is just 3 km away from Dalhousie. The mountains and green valleys make it a scenic place to visit. A memorial monument of Sardar Ajit Singh is another popular spot in Panchpula.

During monsoon, the beauty of this place reaches different heights as many waterfalls are connected here. Above all, the natural richness here is why Panchpula is the most popular picnic spot. However, one can also do trekking to add more fun and adventure to their trip.

  • Bhuri Singh Museum – Out of many fantastic places to visit in Dalhousie, this museum is another place worth visiting. The Bhuri Singh Museum has an amazing collection of popular miniature paintings of Kangra, Chamba and Basohli schools. They represent the ancient culture of Chamba which is portrayed by weapons and carvings present here.

The museum was named after King Raja Bhuri. Because he donated his family paintings which represented chamba to the museum. They officially established the museum in 1908. Here, Chamba is represented so beautifully in the form of carvings, embroideries and weapons.

It also reflects on the history of Chamba and the rulers of this region. Some of the most important collections of the museum are basohli style paintings, and Guler – Kangra paintings. Paintings illustrate chamba- rumals and bhagwat purana and Ramayana. 

How to reach Dalhousie 

  1. By Air – Pathankot is the nearest airport from Dalhousie (90 km). kangra (106 km), Amritsar (213 km ) and Chandigarh (317 km) are other airports to reach Dalhousie. 
  2. By Road – Long drive services are provided by Himachal Road Transport Corporation. From Shimla, Kangra, Solan, Dharamshala and Pathankot and from adjoining states of Punjab, Delhi, Haryana and Chandigarh. One can easily travel from buses very comfortably.
  3. By train – Pathankot is also the nearest railway station from Dalhousie. It is almost 90 km away from our destination. 
Wind up 

Dalhousie, the “Mini – Switzerland” is the perfect place for a relaxing and fun vacation. Moreover, One can experience peace and spirituality as there are many famous churches which are must visit. For example, St Patrick’s church, St John’s church, St Francis church, and St Andrews Church are a few very famous churches. 

There are many food and cuisine which visitors must try when they reach here. In conclusion,  It is quite difficult to fall in love with Dalhousie once you try the pahadi food here.  For instance, Patande, Chha ghosht, Madra, Luchi poti, and sidu are some of the very famous foods which are an absolute delight to the tongue.

Bollywood films like Lootera (2013) and Almost Pyaar with DJ Mohobat (2023) are also shot here because the place is so full of charm and beauty. In conclusion, the whole town is a treasure of ancient temples, rich culture, art, handicrafts, mountains, natural beauty, history, greenery and food.

So after reading this information about Dalhousie, when are you going to this mesmerising place to have a great time? I hope soon.

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